Whitney Williston, owner and photographer at Les Petits Bijoux Photography


I'm Whitney - a Louisiana based wedding photographer.

I have loved photography since I can remember. My breakthrough moment was having a photo used as a Christmas Card that I took when I was 7...clearly my prime. Since I started my business a little over 2 years ago, my love for photography has grown even more (if that's even possible)!

I have a passion for travel. The amount of places on my bucket list is quite absurd and I might as well just put "the world." But what can I say? I'm girl with big dreams and big goals to fulfill.

I have the cutest assistant and pup security in the world, also known as Oliver. He is a Lab/Pit mix and the cutest most sweetest puppy you could ever meet... but maybe I'm biased. We do almost everything together: workout, walks, grocery runs, literally everything because he's my bestie!

Some fun facts: I love sports, I looooove me some Dr. Pepper (it's my kryptonite), and I love to watch movies. I am a huge fan of Netflix and Rom Coms. I definitely have my best singing voice and dance moves in the shower. I am that person that 1000% cries at happy endings.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in October of 2019, which means I'm officially #glutenfree for the rest of my life. But while I won't be enjoying the cake at your wedding I will still be busting a move on the dance floor with ya!

Some of my favorite things include ice cream, cookies, mashed potatoes, Dr. Pepper, the color blue, napping, playing with my pup, Sunday lunch with my whole family, Hallmark Christmas movies and last but certainly not least: Christmas.

Seriously, big fan.

I believe finding your perfect photographer, for whatever occasion, is so incredibly important! Make sure you love their style, their personality and their business.

I want to be your perfect photographer!

Send me a message to ask any questions or just to say hi!

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