An Investment...

Hiring a photographer is exactly what this page talks about - an investment. Whether it's a wedding or family pictures, you are paying for something to last you a lifetime. A wedding happens once and it flies by faster than a shooting star! The dress will be in a box in the closet, the suit will be returned to the renter, the cake will be in people's stomachs and one of the only things you will have forever to save from your wedding is the photos.

I don't want to be the person who stands there in the corner and snaps a photo. I want to be your friend, become a part of your family and be the person who makes your day that much more special. I've cried at every single wedding I've shot and left each one feeling like it was my own sister getting married. 

My time, these photos, your money are all so valuable so I strive to give not only photos but an experience! I love to make it as easy as possible!

Now let's get on to the nitty gritty.

Family Portraits: $250

Senior Portraits: $250

Couples/Engagements: $250

Bridals: $350

Louisiana Wedding Packages starting at $1,700

United States Wedding Packages starting at $3,000

International Wedding Packages Starting at $4,500

Elopements start at $900

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