The Mart Wedding

(A corona special)

About 4 weeks before her wedding, I received a message from the Bride inquiring about wedding photography packages. she simply stated that her photographer cancelled on her due to coronavirus and she was in need of a new photographer. Within a few hours we immediately clicked over texts and had our coffee date scheduled. She talked about how she wasn't even sure if she was going to have a big wedding anymore and thought about just signing the papers and driving around town to take photos in their wedding attire. It had clearly been a mess leading up to this meeting. 

She went back and forth for the next two weeks but then ultimately said screw it and decided to have a big wedding like she wanted! You could tell she was just jumping for joy through the phone because she wanted a celebration with her friends deep down. Some venue changes and minor complications (like needing a reception venue) and things were ready to go. With her best girlfriends by her side and his best men they got married in St. Jude the Apostle Church in Baton Rouge. She even had a "foot popping kiss" like Princess Diaries taught us!

Her and her new hubby danced the whole night to every jam you could imagine. There were synchronized dances, cake cutting, bouquet tossing and even a sparkler exit. For one night everyone got to put their quarantine slumps to the side and have a day full of nothing but joy, love and celebrations.

This wedding truly was the medicine I needed!

Whitney Williston


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