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90 Degrees, Ripped Pants, & Last Minute Photographer - OH MY!

Katie & Patrick

August 7, 2020

Katie and Patrick, what a whirlwind of a wedding journey it has been for us. With about 4 weeks until her August wedding, Katie inquired with me about photographing her wedding because her previous photographer had canceled. We met up for coffee that week and within the next week we were booked! Although Covid still had gatherings cut to a minimum, she made the absolute most of her day and I believe we all had the best time.

Their ceremony took place at St. Jude Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the reception took place at the Groom's parent's BEAUTIFUL house! They moved all of their furniture out and turned the living room into a dance floor, outside into a bar, and the dining room into the food buffet. We danced the day and night away. Every limo ride, every song - the bride was dancing. Not alone, as the groomsmen were having an absolute blast... one even ripped his pants wide open!!!

Though August weddings are BOUND to be hot and sweaty and have lots of photo breaks with fans and sweat towels, it sure is such a gorgeous time in Louisiana. The sun is golden, the flowers are in bloom and the vibes are immaculate.

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