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A Classic COVID Wedding

Melissa & Alex Landry

April 18, 2020

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... Back in April of 2020... Alex and Melissa got married! These two had been planning their wedding for forever and had been on my schedule for at least a year. Sure enough, in March, the world shuts down and cue the OG Covid Weddings. Alex and Melissa got ready in their separate homes with their family and few friends by their side. They arrived at the Church with their parents, siblings, the priest and myself. And that's the extent of the people who attended their wedding. They set up a live on Facebook where other family and friends could watch them say I do! Once it was over, we took some pictures and then proceeded to exit out the Church to "take more pictures" and all of their family and friends surprised them by waiting outside and in their cars for a wedding parade! Melissa and Alex made their day as special as possible despite all of their plans being skewed by a worldwide pandemic!

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