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A Party on Canal St. - New Orleans Wedding

Stacey & Peyton

April 9, 2021

Bride, groom, Bridal party, kissing on Canal Street during their New Orleans Wedding


If you have a fabulous photographer, they will guide you in the right direction. They've been around the block once or 100 times, they've seen all the nightmares, seen all the beauties - let them do their thing.

Stacey & Peyton had a plan but it was flexible. We talked before and had everything figured out, we were thinking photoshoot on Canal St. just girls, then just guys, travel to the venue and do first look there. Then I suggested to Stacey on day of that we do the first look inside the beautiful hotel and take group photos on Canal.


From walking across as a group, to everyone honking and cheering for them - we had a BLAST!!! We took tons of photos in the middle of Canal St. and made some beautiful memories! We got to walk back to the hotel in style (again with the cheering) and go to the venue stress free!!

Moral of the Story: Trust your photographer to make your vision even better!! It's your day and we want to make it as special as ever, capturing everything just the way you want it!!

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hotel: The Windsor Court

Ceremony/Reception: Southern Oaks Plantation

Photographer: Les Petits Bijoux Photography

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