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Eagles Creek Cabin Elopement in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Intimate, Cozy Cabin elopement in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Have you ever thought about renting out a ginormous cabin in the woods, inviting your closest friends and family, and getting married and having the reception on the back porch? No?

Well read this blog post and tell me you're not thinking about it now!


About their Oklahoma Elopement

Morgan and Zach rented out Eagles Creek Cabin in Broken Bow, Oklahoma for their wedding weekend. They wanted to celebrate with all of their friends and family in an intimate setting surrounded by all the

love and support they could get.

They spent a few days before adventuring and exploring the small town and hikes and scenery. They hung out every night by fires to avoid a chill, drank, ate, laughed and danced. The day of the wedding I drove up from Texarkana where I stayed the night before and immediately was taken aback by Broken Bow's beauty! I loved the big trees that hadn't quite thrown back their leaves from the winter months, the huge cabins that surrounded this big lake,

and just the natural beauty that we drove by!

When I arrived, her aunt and uncle were cooking up a storm in the kitchen early in the morning. The guys were playing pool and chess in the game room, the girls curling their hair and listening to music. Hiking boots were stacked in the corner, everyone getting ready for the big day. Once the guys got ready (as it only takes them two seconds) we took a few pictures of the groom and details. The ladies took their time getting ready, enjoying the friends they were surrounded by, telling stories, talking about what they had done leading up to today in Broken Bow.

We did a first look with Morgan and her dad. A fun fact is Morgan decided to wear her grandmother's wedding dress!! What a sweet sentiment to add to this already special day! Then we did a first look with Morgan and Zach before heading out around town to explore and take some pictures of just them two. Now don't be fooled because it was CHILLY!!! but we beat the rain and that's what matters.

When we got back they were greeted by everyone lined up cheering them outside where everyone ate buffet family style, danced outside on the porch, drank the tons of ice chests of beer and wine and seltzers, warmed up by the heaters and didn't think twice when it started POURING outside. You could feel the love and support these two had. Their family and friends couldn't be happier for them and showered them with celebrations all day.


A Message from the Bride

Why did you choose Broken Bow for your wedding?

"We chose Broken Bow because it was a new place we had never been to and we were able to make a mini vacation out of the wedding. It was only a six hour drive from our home in Louisiana so a lot of friends and family were able to come up for a long weekend to celebrate and explore."

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

"My favorite part of the wedding day was dancing on the porch with friends and family as the rain came down. It was cold but the people and energy made it warm. I was also so happy to be wearing my grandmothers dress."

What advice would you have to any new brides or those wanting to have unique weddings like yours?

"My advice for other brides wanting a unique wedding would be to think outside the box for your venue and even your reception time. We were able to save a lot of money by finding a private cabin to host our event and had so much freedom to make it exactly as we wanted with no time constraints! Since it was near the state park, we had different backdrop options for photos."

What are some things you did while in Broken Bow at Eagles Creek Cabin?

"Besides having our reception at Eagles Creek cabin in Broken Bow, we also hosted a game night at our cabin with friends, did a guided fishing tour in Beavers Bend state park, and visited the breweries and diners in the city. It was such a nice area to explore!"


Photographer: Les Petits Bijoux Photography // Venue: Eagles Creek Cabin //

Food: Tramontes Meat and Seafood + Family // Cakes: Ambrosia Bakery // Cookies: The Sunflower Patisserie by Chloe


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