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Freezing My Booty Off at 5am in Colorado

Cassie & Eric

September 30, 2020

Waking up at 5:00am was something different for me that's for sure. This night owl was struggling. Waking up at 5:00am and it was 20 degrees outside was surely a different experience for me. I packed on my leggings and jeans, so many layers of shirts, sweaters, jean jacket, and doubled up on socks for sure. But I still froze my booty off.

We made it to Mountain Wedding Garden in Crested Butte, Colorado just as the sun was beginning to rise. Our beautiful couple, Cassie and Eric were ready to go and our Elopement setup was having the final touches put on. We took them out to the overlook area and took pictures of them as the sun rose through the Mountains. Wow. Such a beautiful sight and sooooo many beautiful colors. Those colors with her gorgeous, curly red hair were so perfect.

We shot their Elopement Ceremony in a little corner surrounded by trees and beautiful florals by Urban Canyon and designed by Keely AF Events. As cold as I was, I KNOW Cassie was freezing because she was in short sleeves and a backless dress in the 20 degree weather. It was so worth it for the photos though... just look at this magic!

Dress: a&bé bridal shop

Florals: Urban Canyon

Design: Keely AF Events

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