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Getting Saucy in the Sand Dunes

Liz & Josh

September 29, 2021

When in Colorado, you MUST go to the Great Sand Dunes. I mean it feels like you're just hanging out in the middle of the Saharan Desert. Just huge hills of sand dunes at all different heights. Absolutely amazing. This was my first photoshoot there but it will definitely not be my last. I cannot wait to go back and have 8 billion shoots here in the sand, throwing and kicking it everywhere, running around (I mean that's one heck of a workout) and just soaking in that sun!

Meet Liz and Josh. Liz is my beautiful, amazing cousin who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and Josh is her sweet, hilarious boyfriend. They are always up for adventures so when I was headed into Colorado for a Content Day they picked me up and were more than willing to do a photoshoot with me. We laughed our behinds off and jammed to music. We baked in the very hot sun even though it was about 65 degrees outside, the sun made it feel like it was 90. I hope you can relive their photoshoot like I can. We certainly had the best time.

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