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Greenwich Village New York City Couples Photos

Allie & Jaime


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First of all, do these two not belong on a magazine cover?! I mean... drop dead gorgeous.

When Gus's family was taking a trip to New York I knew I needed to get some pictures done there. New York is such a gorgeous place to take pictures and I jumped at the opportunity.

I went to high school with Allie, and Allie's mom when to high school with my mom. Small world. I messaged Allie whenever we got the trip planned and she and Jaime graciously let me photograph them!!

We had so much fun walking around, catching up & snapping pics along the way! I am obsessed with New York streets and neighborhoods. The Brownstones made the most beautiful background.

Also! Funny story. So when Gus and I got over to Greenwich, we were still waiting on Allie & Jaime to get there so we just sat down on a bench and enjoyed the scenery and beautiful weather. We kept seeing all of these people show up and take pictures in front of this one building we were sitting by. I mean I thought it was a cute building but not that cute that it required a lot of pictures.

We looked up the restaurant that was a part of this building but nothing famous really showed up. Finally, we saw a girl wearing a hat that says "FRIENDS" and we made the connection. We were hanging out at the FRIENDS apartment building.

But anyways, enjoy these beautiful photos of these two fabulous people in the amazing streets of New York City!!

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