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Heart Balloon Backdrop Valentine's Day Mini Sessions


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I am a VERY impulsive person.

A few weeks ago when I was in the process of planning out my content for the next month or two, I thought to myself "what if I did some sort of Valentine's Day shoot." I posted on instagram stories my ideas and after a few replies, votes on the polls and positive feedback, I was headed to Party City to make it happen.

I texted my neighbor and asked if her cutie little 2 year old daughter was available for a photoshoot, bought the balloons, and started setting up in my garage. I wanted to make it happen and get the promo pics out there asap!!

Lesson learned, trial and error is an amazing way to make sure something works! After I took the photos of the sweet little girl I realized I didn't really like how it was set up. That's when I decided we needed to tape the balloons to the backdrop and I would need a ton more balloons. The next day I took even more promo photos - some with Gus and I, more of the little girl, some by myself and some with my pup, Oliver!

I posted them a few hours later and they BLEW UP!!! I had so much engagement and interest in these photos!! I think they are absolutely adorable and I might even do them again next year!!

So for now, Happy Valentine's Day & enjoy these little beauties!!

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