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Lifestyle Family Session for NFL Player

June 11, 2021

Baby Jordan

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Baton Rouge Family Lifestyle Photoshoot, newborn lifestyle photoshoot

These might be my favorite lifestyle newborn photos I've ever taken.. but I might be biased. Sweet baby Jordan came into this world on June 4th and I have the honor of being his godmother!! MY SWEET GODCHILD!! Ahhhh!!

My besties Hannah & JaCoby Stevens squeezed in these newborn photos before he moved to Philadelphia to practice with the Philadelphia Eagles! They truly are some of my favorite photos because despite baby Jordan not wanting anything to do with a photoshoot that day, the lighting, colors and aesthetic were absolutely perfect.

But isn't he just the cutest baby you've ever seen? Okay, I'll chill.

Why do a life-style photoshoot for newborn photos?

I absolutely love doing lifestyle sessions, especially for newborns. It's more realistic and 100% my style. Holding your sweet babe, changing their diaper, rocking them to sleep, giving them a bottle - that's what your life consists of for months! Putting your baby in a simple onesie and just staring at them admiring the miracle you're holding in your arms speak volume.

Now, take a second to admire my precious godchild! I know I can't wait to love on him when they come back!!

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