• Whitney Williston

My Trip to Colorado

Ahhhhh so it's been absolutely forever since I've blogged but that's because life has been busy!

The last week of September I spent it living my best life. I went to the Sand Dunes, had a full Photographer's Content Day and spent some quality time with my fam! And now I'm here to write about it to give you just a little slice of Heaven that is Colorado and Fall colors.

I just want to take this moment to give a huge shoutout to my cousin Liz. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and is truly down for absolutely anything. The second I told her about this content day I wanted to go to she was 100% down for it. Thank you, Liz. Love you lots!


So Liz and her boyfriend Josh picked me up from the airport and we immediately traveled south. We stayed at an airbnb that was super creepy with weird dolls but thats besides the point. We woke up in the morning and drove to the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado. And boy were they great. It is absolutely CRAZY that huge piles of sand just chill between mountains in Colorado.

Of course I absolutely needed a photoshoot here so we dressed up and were ready to go! Now... I 10/10 do NOT recommend walking through sand in boots and a sweater with the sun beating down on you. Our calves got a workout but the pictures were sooooo worth it. I've put some down here!

Then Liz even took some pictures of me so that I could have some updated headshots. :)

After the Sand Dunes we made our way towards Crested Butte, Colorado. The sights were AMAZING!!! There's this one spot on the drive where it's something out of your dreams. It's a super curvy road and you're in between two mountains super close to you and there's a stream along side of you, and surrounding is the most beautiful orange and yellow trees. The sun was setting. I mean.... truly something I dream about. I was too busy looking and didn't take pictures!


So I signed up for Kayla Rae Photos (@kaylaraephotos) 's Content Day in Crested Butte. A Content Day is a bunch of stylized photoshoots put together by one or two photographers to create the exact look they want to photograph. They can sell tickets to other photographers (usually 10-15 total) and everyone attends and takes turns posing the models and couples to get the exact shot they want. This is the time to build up your portfolio, try something new you've never done, learn from other photographers and meet new friends!

The girls I met were absolutely amazing and I had so much fun hanging out with them all day! We had a total of 5 photoshoots throughout the day, starting at 6:50 am and ending at 6:30pm. So essentially, a very very long day in the sun. But soooo worth it!!

The first photoshoot was a morning sunrise elopement at the Mountain Wedding Garden on Gothic Rd. It was freezing and very very early, but I mean... these pictures...

The second and third photoshoots were the most adorable couples ever. We shot these couples literally off the road someplace. We just kept driving through all of these yellow trees and scenic views until we got to a spot we liked. There were cows everywhere just roaming freely and living their best life. Pictured here ->

The last shoot was a sunset Elopement with a whole dinner table set up and everything. It was sooo pretty and this bride was absolutely stunning. Definitely some of my favorite photos!

Everything about this Content Day was so perfect and I haven't even edited all the photos from it so if you stick with me on Instagram and Facebook then you'll definitely see a bunch more photos popping up!


The next couple of days we hung out with other cousins who recently moved to Denver, a family friend and shopped around. The wildfires were pretty bad about 30 miles north of Fort Collins so the sky was hazy and peachy and we were told to stay indoors if possible. Therefore, we couldn't go on a hike like we wanted to but I'll settle for some shopping instead! :)

I had the absolute best time there. The whole time I just kept being so grateful for my photography business and where I am now. I am my own boss and could make my schedule so I had time to just go to Colorado during the work week for some photoshoots. I had money to travel because my business is thriving. I had amazing family to stay with and I had the skillset needed in order to grasp every little detail of learning experiences I could from that Content Day. I am so in love with this job and work life. It doesn't even feel like work - that's when you know you're in your niche.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next Content Day. Maybe in Oregon? Utah? California? Who knows! One day I will move up there though. The idea of being an hour away from mountains and scenery is amazing. The views were indescribable. My words cannot paint a good enough picture.

Until next time!

XOXO, Whitney

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