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New Orleans Chic Wedding | Paige + Zach Hartline

A high-end, classic wedding filled with Bag of Donuts, butterfly releases & crazy streamer exits.


Paige + Zach's day couldn't be more perfect if they asked for it! From starting the day of getting ready with all of her girlfriends and family in the beautiful pool house to a photoshoot in front of a Rolls Royce SUV to end the night, their day was uniquely them and picture perfect in every way!

So let's start diving into the *many* details of their wedding day!

Paige + Zach booked me for 8 hours on their wedding day + a second photographer. A second photographer was critical on their day because every minute was filled with an activity and every second was covered with photos from both the bride getting ready in the pool house to the groom getting ready in the main house! This gave them TONS of photos throughout the day and they are able to relive each moment throughout the day through mementos!

We arrived and immediately started on details that Paige had collected for us while the second shooter grabbed her finishing up makeup! Her details included: shoes, invitations, custom rings, perfume, cologne, custom earrings, and her garters. Not to mention we used some flower petals from roses Zach gifted Paige with that morning! *heart eyes*

My second shooter then transitioned to the main house to capture the handsome groom getting ready as his family helped and cutting up with the guys in his free time. There were a variety of first looks that occurred including; Paige with her bridesmaids, Paige with her grandparents and Zach with his groomsmen. There might have even been a special "first look" with Zach and one of his groomsman in a wedding dress... pics at the end :). Paige and Zach opted out of a first look but decided on a first touch and a moment to read each other letters they wrote to each other in private.

After all of the first looks and touches, it was wedding time! They said I do, the guests released butterflies (that were very content in their envelopes but still sooooo cool), and they danced the night away and talked with all of their guests. Paige had a dress change and exited in a beautiful, simple silk dress and her sneaks! We even had a quick little photoshoot in front of their exit car, a beautiful Rolls Royce SUV!

It was such a beautiful and special day! I loved being able to capture this moment in their lives and I can't wait for our next shoot together (because no doubt there will be more!!)


A message from the Bride

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day?

"Doing a first touch and reading our vows privately"

What do you feel made your wedding day special/unique?

"Having the band play that I’ve been wanting since I was a little girl! and of course marrying the man of my dreams!!"

What advice do you have for couples planning a wedding?

"Don’t stress to much, don’t let family and friends opinions get to you and take it all in because it flies by!!"

What’s one thing you would change from your wedding day?

"Paying for the extra hour for the reception, everything went by so fast !!"


Vendor List

Photographer: Les Petits Bijoux Photography // Venue: Champagne Palace // Florist: Villere's Florist //

Bakery: Mad Batter Bakery // Band: Bag of Donuts // Videographer: Music Source Media //

Hair + Makeup: Makeup Meltdown // Suit rentals: John's Tuxedos // Dress: Linen Jolie Bridal //

Butterflies for Release: Clearwater Butterflies

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