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Pop-Up Wedding at an Engagement Party

Meghann & Brian


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There is so much to tell with this blog but let me give you three topics to get you hooked -

  1. Standing 4 hours in the rain for a sale we didn’t get to participate in

  2. We’re having an engagement party

  3. Just kidding its a pop up wedding

SO. Let’s start at the beginning. My roommate Lauren and I heard about a local boutique’s HUGE sale they were having. A big warehouse sale where you could fill an entire bag for only $25. OBVIOUSLY, we had to go.

We wake up hella early, show up and stand in line. There were tonnssss of girls already there. Some had been there since 5am and maybe even earlier. We wait for the two hours before this thing even starts. So we are tired, cranky and ready to shop!!

Long story short, it’s freezing cold outside, it then begins to start storming as we huddle under a tiny umbrella and get wet, the boutique was not prepared, only about 60/400+ girls were able to go inside and get things, we left empty handed, hungry, soaking wet and angry.

While we were there, I heard the two girls in front of us start talking about wedding stuff. Me - being the wedding obsessed psycho I am - asked about it and we all started a conversation. We had to do something to pass the time right?!?! My roomie plugged the fact that I’m a wedding photographer and they asked for my card.

Later on she reached out about shooting her wedding. Once they started wedding planning they realized they wanted to wait a little while because it was expensive and chaotic.

She called me about 5 months later telling me they were expecting a sweet little girl to join their family and so they wanted to get married. They had an engagement party planned in July and decided to turn that into a pop up wedding!

All of their friends and family arrived, chatted and drank without knowing what was soon to come! The bride and groom, parents and myself snuck out of the party as they went and got changed. She did a first look with her dad and then she was ready to go.

The DJ announced that they would actually be getting married today and everyone’s mouths dropped!! Some gasps, maybe even a scream or two, and LOTS of clapping!

They eloped during sunset and celebrated with a reception afterwards. It was such a beautiful moment and I was so honored to be there!!

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