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Couple Photos turned into Engagement Shoot

Sarah & Cole

November 13, 2020

When Sarah booked this photoshoot, she 1000% thought Cole was going to propose during the shoot. Spoiler alert... he didn't.

However, he did propose about two weeks before! Cole messaged me wanting to somehow get her to Burden Museum & Gardens so he could pop the question before the photoshoot! Long story short, I made up something about her having to pick up a packet and the ONLY time I could do it was Friday at 5pm. Sure enough, she fell for it, they came, we chatted, next thing you know he is down on one knee asking her to be his wife!

Here's 3 quick photos from that adorable moment.

She kept her photoshoot date, found a new dress and showed off her brand new ring. We had so much fun taking photos together for a second time! I've known Sarah since we were babies! We danced together for yeaarrrrrsssss. I am so excited for Sarah & Cole to take the next step in their lives! Now go enjoy these couples photos because I certainly had a blast taking them!!

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