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Summer Engagements at LSU AgBotanic Gardens - Louisiana

May 14, 2021

Chloe & Blake

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

LSU AgBotanic Gardens

LSU AgBotanic Gardens, Summer Engagement Photoshoot at LSU

What happens if it rains on your photoshoot day? We reschedule! (3 times if you're Chloe and Blake)

Yes. Their engagement photos had to be rescheduled 3 times due to weather. The first time the rain chilled out a little just to drizzle but I told them we really needed to reschedule because it just wouldn't look pretty. So we sat and talked under our umbrellas for about 45 minutes waiting to see if it passed. I kept pushing to reschedule for sunnier weather. They agreed. next time, storming. again. So we reschedule again. 3rd time is a charm because the weather was beautiful and sunny and made for some amazing pictures.

If we were to take them in the overcast, muggy weather, no doubt their photos would've been great but it would've lacked the vibrant colors of the summer. ALWAYS always ALWAYS push for sunnier weather for engagements! You only do it once :)

Anyways! I've known Chloe since I was in pre-K!! Yes!! We went to the same preschool, elementary, middle, & high school. Our families are a part of the same Church and so our paths have crossed on numerous occasions. I met Blake in high school when we were both a part of a youth board for our Church's Diocese. Cue when I find out that Chloe and Blake were dating because they met in college - I was THRILLED!! They are the most perfect matches for each other and I couldn't be happier for them!

Chloe has an amazing bakery and you should definitely check her out here.

She's even so creative she planned (6 months in advance) to take countdown pictures that she's going to use the week of her wedding!! Check them out below!

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding in December!

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