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Sunrise Engagements in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jordyn & William


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I always say, if the weather is not perfect for your engagement session, RESCHEDULE!!!

Do not settle for less than perfect for your engagement pictures - they only happen once.

Jordyn lives in Houston, Texas and was only in Baton Rouge for the weekend. That Saturday when we were supposed to take these pictures, it stormed. It was gross and overcast and we both agreed the photos wouldn't be amazing if we did them at that moment. We decided to reschedule to the following morning at sunrise, before I left for vacation that late morning.

6:00am came super freaking early the next morning, but we got to experience the Earth wake up. Sunrise is so serene in the mornings - there's a slight fog and dew over the fields, a haze in the sky, gentle sun slowly lighting up the fields, birds and bugs making noise - so so serene.

I cannot wait to photograph these two's wedding in Austin, Texas in November. I am absolutely in love with their infectious smiles, cute little giggles, and endless love for each other!

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