• Whitney Williston

Things to DIY at Your Wedding... and Things to Definitely Not

Weddings are expensive. There's no way around it. Lots of people try to take on little projects called DIY (Do It Yourself) to help save a little cash and make life easier. Truth is, sometimes it really doesn't make your life easier. Sure, maybe it'll save you a little moolah but in the end, you'll be more stressed than before and have even more on your plate.

Your wedding day and wedding week should be as stress free as possible. The only thing you should be concerned about is putting on THE dress and saying "I Do" and not about wedding details that could be someone else's job!

Always remember, I am by all means not saying you CAN'T DIY it, I just think these are the things worth paying someone else to do!



I cannot stress this enough. I mean.... photos are the intrical part of a wedding. When all is said and done, the dress goes in a box, the tux is returned to the rental company, the cake has been eaten and what you have left to remember the night is your memory and the photos. Photos are something you look back on for years and years to come. Quality Wedding Night photos are worth the money. Some people have said they just gave guests disposable cameras, or asked a friend's cousin's sister to snap some photos. While this may save you a pretty penny - a photographer is worth it. They know your good angles, they catch the "middle moments," they spend hours editing your photos to perfection. DO NOT SKIMP ON THE PHOTOGRAPHER!!


What do you want to be doing the night before your wedding? If your answer is not baking and icing a cake, leave the cake to the pros. A cake cannot be made far in advance, meaning 1-3 days before your wedding, you will be baking up a storm, stacking tiers, and icing a cake. You don't have to buy a 10 tiered cake to impress your guests, but definitely don't try to do it yourself.


Same as before! Do you want to spend your wedding week wrapping shrimp with bacon and filling boiled eggs? My guess is probably not. Save yourself the headache and supplies and hire someone to do all that cooking!


This could low key go either way but think about yourself dancing at a wedding. Do you want to dance to the whole 5 minutes of the Casper Cha Cha Slide or just the main 3 minutes? You could make a Spotify playlist, set it up exactly how you want it, but in the end DJs and bands feel the vibe of the room, gauge what everyone is feeling, add in the slow songs at the perfect spot and rocks out at the most perfect time!


I would highly suggest hiring a wedding planner! Whether it's for the day of or the whole shabang - it saves you. As stated before, your wedding week and day should be all about you. You shouldn't have to worry about whether the drinks were put out or the caterer arrived. You should be able to drink mimosas, hang out with your girlfriends and have a stress free day! Let someone else do it!



This really could be a "leave it to the pros" but I just shot a wedding with the most beautiful self made flower arrangements. I would only suggest doing this if you have a natural decorator in the family who is willing to help out! I'm no professional but picking out the flowers is soooo important because they HAVE to coordinate with your wedding colors AND look good for pictures!


Another that could go either way. If you are a hairstylist or MUA then by all means do your own! However, although I am a photographer, I won't be shooting my own wedding! You deserve to be pampered. Let someone brush your hair til you're sleepy and work some magic and create a masterpiece on your face. Like I said, you shouldn't have to worry about a dang thing!


There are some definite decors you could do on your own! Save the Dates, place cards, seating charts and welcome signs. Those are all great ideas to do on your own! creating your own confetti poppers and even your own party favors.

I am no wedding expert by any means and you could take all of this with a grain of salt. Just remember that sometimes the added stress is unnecessary and could be easily passed on to somebody else's plate. Weddings are a joyous time and it's important to remember what they are for! After all is said and done and the stuff is gone, will you have wished you would've done something differently? Maybe did less?

That's what I've got for now! Until next time!


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