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Wildflower Patch Engagements at Sunset

November 14, 2021

Gabrielle & Ryan

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

LSU AgBotanic Gardens Wildflower couple's engagement photoshoot

Sunsets in a wildflower patch? Sign me up!!

These beautiful engagements were so incredibly dreamy and stunning. Gabrielle & Ryan booked their engagement photos with me during the Fall. LSU AgBotanic Gardens is absolutely beautiful this time of year! They have a big wildflower patch, wide open fields with that beautiful *slightly dead* grass and those rich fall colors. The sunset is so warm and inviting, the harshness is a tad softer, the temperature is tolerable and the wildflowers are popping off. A recipe for greatness.

They brought their sweet mutt Ivy to be in a a few photos with the cutest bandana ever! I absolutely love when dogs are included in couple's engagement pictures. It adds character and a personal touch along with a little chaos which of course leads to laughs!! Ivy was so excited to run around in the field and start exploring. However, she came running and ready for action when it came to treats!!

Gabrielle and Ryan are eloping in Jamaica - ummm excuse me.?!?!? how fun!!!

Keep wildflower season in mind for your next engagement session. They add a tiny pop of color while also giving off the warm and enticing vibes!

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