the wedding experience

A wedding ring and wedding shoes lay in a flat lay presentation on wedding day

Booking a photographer for your wedding can be super scary... but you are not alone in the process!


Photographing a ton of weddings gives me a ton of knowledge and ideas on things like schedules, receptions, first looks, florals, tips & tricks and all kinds of stuff! I want to share this all with you! Need a wedding planner? Floral suggestions? Hair & Makeup? Location suggestions? I. AM. YOUR. GIRL

Have you ever had a photographer say " Stand here and put your hands here and look here? "


I have had people tell me "my photographer made me come up with poses" and I cannot IMAGINE the idea of coming up with your own poses. One thing I love doing is giving prompts instead of poses. This means I'll say "whisper in her ear what you ate for breakfast" instead of "put your faces here and act romantic." Not only do we get the cute whisper in the ear but we also get the giggles after and the genuine looks and happiness all around. Sure, every now and then I'll give a posed shot but candids help make the entire photoshoot flow nicely!

a couple during their engagement photoshoot in Louisiana
a couple during their engagement photoshoot in Louisiana
a couple during their engagement photoshoot in Louisiana
A bride and groom elope in Louisiana

Are you the type of person who wants your photos back ASAP and cannot wait for even just one photo?


I know how excited you get to see your photos. I do too! I also know editing takes a long time and I can't always get all the photos back super fast BUT I do give sneak peeks! I give 2-5 photos for a sneak peek for all sessions, weddings & elopements within 24 hours! This way, you have 2-5 photos immediately that you can love and reminisce on until I get the rest of your photos back to you! Weddings & Elopements even get a 50+ photo sneak peek gallery within one week of the ceremony! I know how excited you are to get your photos back and know that I am just as excited to edit them! Hopefully the sneak peeks help!

Do you love adding on lifelong friends who are there for every milestone in your life?


I pride myself in my super outgoing and loving personality. I can honestly say that every bride that I have shot has become my friend! From photographing them as their family grows to just catching up every now and then at the grocery store, the relationship doesn't stop on your wedding day. I have helped put on bride's shoes, dresses, veils, hair and makeup, fed them so their hands didn't get dirty, danced on party buses with them, did a line dance at their reception and hugged them as they made their exit. I become a part of their day because we become friends and I believe that eases some anxiety when it comes to photos. I love meeting new people and love making new friends even more.

Let's be besties. Let's do the dang thing.

A flat lay of invitations and wedding rings in Louisiana
A groom on his wedding day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
A bride gets dressed on her wedding day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Ready to become besties & start this journey?